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    Honour Board 2002 Presidents Report Latrobe City Information

    Meetings:  We meet quarterly, with Central Gippsland Branch Members notified in writing by the Secretary.  Other Honorary Justices can seek meeting times, places and dates via “Custodes”  the official journal of the RVAHJ or through the Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices  web site.

     New Members:  To qualify for membership of the Central Gippsland Branch RVAHJ you must first become a member of the RVAHJ. All Honorary Justices are welcome to apply to become members of our local group. The training, peer discussion and associated fellowship both within and outside our meetings enhances our ability to conduct our duties in an adept and professional manner.

     Guest Speakers:  Our guest speakers have come from all walks of life including  CEOs from the Power Industry and Local Government, but generally are from areas that will enhance the Knowledge, Skills and Professional conduct of our membership, such as Magistrates, Judges, Registrars, Victoria Police (Senior Officers and members from various branches of the force), Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections and from the RVAHJ.

     Internal Training:  We regularly discuss new issues that arise from our dealings with the public in performance of our duties as Justices of the Peace and Bail Justices.

    We also ensure that the membership are aware if any changes of a procedural nature occur and pass on correspondence and information from the RVAHJ.

     Association Training:  We actively promote update training, not only for our  members but also for other people in the public who are "Authorised to Witness Documents" but may have had little or no training.

    Persons other than Justices of the Peace and Bail Justices seeking refresher training in the “Witnessing of Documentation” please contact us. .

    History of the Central Gippsland Branch of the R.V.A.H.J.

     As a result of a number of local Justices believing that in order to have a cohesive, well informed and socially effective operation within our area, a public meeting was convened.

    At that public meeting, which was held on April 9th 1991 at the Morwell Court house, some 18 persons attended to listen to the words of  the Associations’ Mr Bob Hails, which resulted in a motion calling for the establishment of a local branch.

     The chairman of the public meeting Mr Mark D’Alterio was empowered to carry out investigations for the formation of the local group under the RVAHJ and to convene another meeting to report back on those investigations.

     The subsequent meeting was held on June 4th 1991 at the Morwell Art Gallery where the decision to form the branch was taken. The Branch was to be known as the Central Gippsland Branch and was to adopt as its constitution, the Article and Memorandum of the Victorian Association.

     The Executive and Committee were to be appointed at the next meeting.

     The inaugural meeting, held at the Morwell Club saw an Association Officer,  Mr Lindsay Hodge conducted the election of Office bearers.

     Chairman:                  Mr. Mark D’Alterio

    Vice Chairman:            Mrs. Ada Donaldson

    Secretary/Treasurer:     Mr. Peter Wells

    Committee Member:     Mr. Gordon Morgan

    In attendance at this meeting were members; Robert Docking, Rex Hibbert, Phil Maskrey, Alan Pithkethley, Paul Apostoleris and Peter Wood.


    The Inaugural meeting was addressed by the Regional Co-ordinating Magistrate, Mr Lance Pilgrim.

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